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by Julia Akers


Get to know Your Teacher! 

Julia Akers
Artist, Teacher,
Book Lover

     It has been my pleasure to be a teacher for over 15 years in the Sacramento community. I grew up being homeschooled in an artistic home where my Mother, Jeanette Clamp started Kid Creative. She pioneered small group classes in the greater Sacramento area to encourage students to learn together. This was over 25 years ago when homeschooling resources were sparse and limited.

      In our home, I was encouraged to pursue my interests and be creative in my approach to my own education. I began painting commissioned portraits and murals alongside my own art work in high school. I graduated early so I could attend college at 16 where my love of learning flourished. I began working as a teacher's assistant around this time and loved every minute with the students in the classroom; I knew I wanted to be a teacher. With a few years of college done, I began travelling abroad and lived in Italy for two years where I "WWOOFed" (World Wide Organization of Organic Farms) as a cultural exchange volunteer. I worked with animals, in gardens, vineyards, orchards, in kitchens and in schools. It was a treasured experience. I continued to travel extensively throughout the world, visiting all the continents but two (South America and Antarctica). 

      When I came back to California, I finished my schooling in Early Childhood Education and Education Administration. I have since worked in many settings with various educational philosophies and modalities. Over the years I have trained at Rudolph Steiner College, completed certification as a Temperaments Counselor for families and students, and have completed extensive training in NVC (Non-Violent Communication) in educational settings. My other interests are reading, gardening, international cooking, carpentry, yoga and writing.  So many things to do and enjoy! My great passion for learning and teaching has brought many wonderful blessings and opportunities into my life and I look forward to many more! . 

     I now homeschool my own four children and love bringing inspiring and joyful learning experiences to the beautiful homeschooling community in our area. As many of you know, Jeanette Clamp and the Urban Farm retired to Washington in 2019, and I am thrilled to be able to continue offering the unique enrichment classes and experiences that Kid Creative has always strived for.
Learning is such a joyful experience when we nurture our students' gifts and interests along the way!
Here's to a wonderful year ahead of us! I hope to see you in class soon! 

All the Best! 

Julia Akers 




Left to Right- Our wonderful Teacher's Assistant Sioux, Kid Creative Founder, Jeanette Clamp, and Lead Teacher Julia Akers