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Irene Quiverhorn's Magical Art Lessons

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Enter the world of J.K. Rowling through Magical Letters and Art Lessons with the talented Irene Quiverhorn, a Hufflepuff student who aspires to paint the beauty she sees at Hogwarts! Irene has written you four beautiful keepsake letters where she shares her life at Hogwarts and the things that inspire her to paint! Irene will teach you to draw and paint four pieces of original art from her desk in the Hufflepuff common room! Lessons are taught with step-by step instructions ranging from 30 - 60 minutes. You will learn how to plan and design a painting, how to use various art mediums and materials while creating your artwork. You will learn classical painting, drawing, pastel, and watercolor techniques in this 4-part class series from Hogwarts! WOULD YOU like to learn how to paint a glowing Patronus charm in the forbidden forest? ARE YOU curious how to draw a moonlit sky and Hogwarts castle reflecting on the black lake? CAN YOU imagine painting Hedwig, the Sorting Hat and Hogwarts required textbooks? This program will teach you how to do all of that with beautiful videos lessons from Irene Quiverhorn! Get your art supplies ready! *This program is recommended for students in the 3rd grade and up. -Four beautifully illustrated PDF materials lists for each lesson. -Four recorded video lessons -Four PDF keepsake letters from Irene Quiverhorn -Return address to send Irene Quiverhorn a letter





To access the Irene Quiverhorn Art Program using Charter Funds-

1. Request payment through your school for the cost of the program.

2. Become a site member by clicking "log in" at the top of the screen (using a generic password that will be changed later) and send us an email HERE with your one-time log-in information. 

3. Once we have received payment from your charter, we will login to your account to purchase the program under your name. You will be sent an email notification.

4. Once you have received an email notification that the program is available in your account, you may log-in to your account and change your password using the "forgot my password" button at login.


*Please note that there is NO personal information stored in our website by becoming a site member and is a safe online experience for students. To become a site member, you will need your site name, email and phone number.


All information is strictly confidential, and you may access your account information at any time. 

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