Cooking Class Schedule

Classes are offered in 10 week sessions  

Farm to Table Kitchen

11-12 PM

September 27, 2017


GRADE 3-8th

Farm to table kitchen- during fall our gardens are ripe with yummy home grow food. This session you will be invited to join our urban gardens and learn how to identify plants and herbs, how to take care of garden plants, and proper ways to compost. Our lessons will include beneficial insects verses harmful ones, helpful critters, and how to encourage the good ones to your garden. We will also sample organic foods that have been grown locally or from our garden during our days of kitchen time. You will learn all the trending terminology for eating healthy foods and the simple preparations for enjoying them.

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Dessert Factory


September 25, 2017


GRADE 4-8th

Young Foodies will be interested in learning how making yummy and eye appealing desserts. Lessons will introduce you to layering textures, sculpting food, whipping creams and sauces, and arranging ingredients for show stopper designs. This dessert factory class is delivering the culinary fun for all ages.

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