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Fall 2023 

These classes bring the magic of J.K. Rowling's Literature to life through teaching subjects and life skills that Harry, Hermione. and Ron would have learned! Students will create the Art, Science, and Food from the world of Harry Potter. These spectacular classes are an awesome experience!


 Our ONE-DAY event is back!
Coming November 2023
1st-6th Grade & Highschool

Join us this November for another Magical One-Day Event! 

You will not want to miss this!

The Kid Creative Classrooms will be fully decorated for this event!
Teachers and staff will be in costume.
Come in your Hogwarts Robes!

Choose your Date-

NEW DATE-Tuesday, October 31st
Time: 10:00- 2:3

1st- 6th Grade
Wednesday, November 1st

Time: 10:00am-2:30pm
1st-6th Grade
Thursday, November 2nd 
Time: 10:00am-2:30pm

1st-6th Grade
Friday, November 3rd 
Time: 10:00am- 2:30pm

1st-6th Grade
Saturday, November 4th

Time: 10:00am-2:30pm
 7th-12th Grade

Daily Schedule-
9:45-10:00- Student arrival and Sign-in
10:00-11:30- Class One
11:30-11:50- Lunch Break 
11:50: 1:00- Class Three
1:00-2:30 Class Four
2:30pm- Student pick-up and Sign-out

$145 per student- All materials and supplies will be provided. These classes use
high quality materials to give your student's work an authentic appearance.
See full class descriptions below!


Class Schedule

Class 1-


Polyjuice Potion

 The ancient art of potion making is a meticulous process. Great results rests upon the dedication of the student to carefully follow the steps in the correct method. In this potions class, students will delve into the realm of the Polyjuice Potion. This is not your average potions class. Students will gather their supplies from the potions closet to create their own bottle of the infamous Poly Juice Potion, which is a complex and time-consuming concoction that enables the consumer to assume the physical appearance of another person. *Warning- It may take several hours to return to your true appearance after consuming.

Skills Learned: Students will study lessons in Molecular Gastronomy to discover the science behind Spherification, a technique to create edible, liquid-filled jellies in seconds. It is truly magical science which relies on the use of unique potion ingredients including, calcium alginate and sodium alginate. Students will measure, weigh, grind, and record to brew a perfect batch.

Take Home:  Students will take home their required Hogwarts text; Potions of the Ages, the recipe and instructions, and their bottled and labeled Polyjuice Potion.


Class 2-

Care of Magical Creatures

Hagrid's Hut

Hippogriff Study

Welcome to Hagrid's Hut, where students will sit among the pumpkins and learn about the majestic Hippogriff. This wild, magical creature closely resembles a winged horse with the head of an eagle but behaves like neither. Students will come face to face with a life size replica of a hippogriff's head and practice the art of meeting this animal for the first time. The class will embark on an in-depth exploration of the characteristics of this mighty creature but may need the help of a time-turner to complete the assignments ahead.  

Skills Learned: Students will study literary descriptions from J.K Rowling to compare imaginative animals to living creatures today. The class will learn fascinating zoology facts about anatomy and behavioral studies while working in teams to rescue a misunderstood Hippogriff from the Ministry of Magic, before it's too late!


Take Home:  Students will take home their own Hippogriff keepsake, C.O.M.C. Record keeping journal and a gift from Hagrid. 



Class 3-

Astronomy Tower


Astronomy is a required subject for the first five years at Hogwarts and students must conduct star gazing each Wednesday at midnight on the astronomy tower. This class will be presented with an in-depth and fascinating review of planets, moons and stars to prepare students for the O.W.L.s exams. Students will be working with their Hogwarts houses to study and explore the night sky. Let's see which house is better prepared for the exams?   

Skills Learned: Students will read and interpret J.K Rowling's literary descriptions about the Astronomy studies at Hogwarts. The class will review and memorize astronomy facts including planetary movements, characteristics and moons. The class will learn to see our galaxy as a whole, and the many moving parts that have filled witches and wizards with wonder for centuries.


Take Home:  Students will take home their star charts, O.W.L. exams and planetary pendant.


Class 3-

Wizard's Chess


Wizard's Chess is the magical variant of the classic board game Chess, in which the pieces were enchanted to move of their own accord when commanded by the player. When a piece was taken, it was removed by the attacking piece, often in a barbaric manner where the losing piece was smashed violently by the winning piece. This class will teach beginning students how to play chess, and challenge experienced players with new strategies.

Skills Learned: Students will read and interpret J.K Rowling's literary descriptions about Wizard's chess and adapt them to their own game. Students will learn the game of chess as a class and then group off to practice their hand. Students will play against students of comparable experience and learn strategy, theory and logic. 


Take Home:  Students will take home their own beautiful wooden chess set and Hogwarts Wizard's chess Booklet to keep playing at home.  

R (1).jpg



One-Day Event

November 4th 2023 


$145 per student

7th-12th Grade

We are pleased to announce that we are bringing back our sold-out, one-day Return to Hogwarts event just for 7th-12th graders!

This will be a day full of magical lessons exploring the Literature, Art and world of J.K. Rowling!

*Class descriptions can be found above.

*Lessons will be academically tailored for high school students. 

high school

Return to Hogwarts


It matters not what someone is bon but what they grow to be.-Albus Dumbledore


Pictures of
Return to Hogwarts

HoneyDukes: Magical Candy Making Apprentice

Friday, January 24th Time slot A: 10-12 (CLASS FULL) or Time slot B: 1-3 (CLASS FULL)

January 24, 2020


1st-6th Grade - 

Take an edible journey behind the magic of Honey Dukes Confections and Candies as an apprentice candy maker. Learn the infusions, concoctions and chemistry in the recipes for Exploding Bon-Bons and Fizzing Whizzbees! Apprentices will learn to read thermometers, take precise measurements, read candy recipes, use candy molds, candy-making safety, and more, while preparing traditional candies- start to finish. Candies will be packaged in official Honey Dukes packaging, ready for the shop window!

Skills Learned: This class focuses on candy making but will improve kitchen/cooking skills and familiarity for all students.

Take Home: Students will go home with their two types of confections in packages and the Honey Dukes printed recipes.

7th-12th Grade- Reserve your spot CLICK HERE!

Saturday, January 25th Time slot A-10:00 am-12:00 pm. Upper grade classes have more age- appropriate, academically based lessons. 

Care of Magical Creatures

Friday, February 28th Time slot A: 10-12 (CLASS FULL) pm or Time slot B: 1-3 (CLASS FULL)

February 28, 2020


1st-6th Grade

The care of magical creatures is not a task for the faint of heart! In this class we prepare students to become Magi-zoologists. We will travel into the depths of the world's oceans, lakes and seas to discover how to find and locate ancient aquatic creatures throughout history detailed in historical texts and folklore. Students will learn how to identify many types of mysterious aquatic creatures, and their eggs and to which species they belong, as well as, how to protect themselves from a variety of aquatic species' powers and abilities. With the knowledge of how to respect and care for these amazing creatures, students will record their learning in their Hogwarts Textbook which will be taken home along with their specimens in a protective box, in case it hatches.

Skills Learned: Students will cover topics in Geography and climate as we search through antique atlases and globes to learn about Sea creatures in Literature and folklore around the world. Students will learn Ocean and aquatic wildlife safety and including how to identify where animals may be and how to avoid dangerous confrontations with wild animals in water. 

Take Home: Students will take home a Hogwarts textbook The Care of Magical Aquatic Creatures, Rare oceanic maps and a specimen in a protective box.

7th-12th Grade- Reserve your spot CLICK HERE!

Saturday, February 29th Time slot A-10:00 am-12:00 pm. Upper grade classes have more age- appropriate, academically based lessons. 

Potions Laboratory

Friday, March 27th Time slot A: 10-12 (CLASS FULL) or Time slot B: 1-3 (CLASS FULL)

March 27, 2020


1st-6th Grade.

Potions are an ancient and meticulous art using the power of plants and compounds found in nature to create potions for spells, healing and trickery. In this class potions students will use their Advanced potion textbooks to piece together the highly complex concoction called- Poly Juice Potion. Students will learn to read detailed potion recipes, use a brass scale to weigh ingredients, grind materials into powder using a mortal and pestle, the magic of Moondew (dry ice) and color changing chemicals to create this famous potion. Can you master this recipe? 

Skills Learned: Students will learn recipe sequencing, reading detailed recipes, exact measuring, safety with dry ice and lessons on chemistry.


Take Home: Students will take home an incredible potion book from the Hogwarts library, printed recipes, and a labeled Poly Juice potion bottles in protective wooden box! 

7th-12th Grade- Reserve your spot CLICK HERE!

Saturday, March 28th Time slot A-10:00 am-12:00 pm. Upper grade classes have more age- appropriate, academically based lessons. 

Hogwart's Astronomy Tower

Friday, April 24th Time slot A: 10-12 (CLASS FULL) or Time slot B: 1-3 (CLASS FULL)

April 24, 2020


1st-6th Grade

Join us in the Astronomy tower where Hogwarts students learn the names of stars, constellations, and planets, as well as their location, movements, and the environments of planets and moons! A telescope , star chart, books, quill and parchment will be provided! Come explore the magic that exists in our universe and test your skills of observation, and decoding as we read ancient star charts and piece together the mysteries in the sky!

Skills learned- Students will learn planetary characteristics and movements, how to identify star constellations and how to track the seasonal changes in our night sky. How a telescope works and how to use one. Students will learn to navigate by reading a star chart (map) and learn the ancient mythology that brought the night sky to life!

Students take home- A book of Astronomy from the Hogwart's library and their own leather star chart! 


7th-12th Grade- Reserve your spot CLICK HERE!

Saturday, April 25th Time slot A-10:00 am-12:00 pm. Upper grade classes have more age- appropriate, academically based lessons. 

Middle School and High School Return to Hogwarts

New Monthly Classes

January 25, 2020

$45 per class

For students in 7th-12th Grade- In these awesome once-a- month classes you get to experience and participate in our literature-based classes for Spring 2020! Lessons will be more challenging so you will need your wits about you work as a team, find clues, solve riddles decipher potion recipes and practice your hand at Candy making, potions, care of magical creatures and more in your Hogwarts Classes! These classes are some you will not want to miss!  

$45 Saturday, January 25th 10:00 am-12:00 pm- Honey Dukes Candy Making Apprentice

$45 Saturday, February 29th 10:00 am-12:00 pm- Care of Magical Creatures

$45 Saturday, March 28th 10:00 am-12:00 pm- Potions

$45 Saturday, April 25th 10:00 am-12:00 pm- Hogwart's Astronomy Tower

See full class descriptions above

Come dressed in Hogwarts Robes or School house attire. 

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