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Return to Hogwarts Classes 

Starting September 2021 

These are MONTHLY, 2-hour classes that bring the magic of J.K. Rowling's Literature to life through teaching subjects and life skills that Harry, Hermione. and Ron would have learned! This year we will also be adding Art Replica and Cooking classes! Students will create the Art, Science, and Food from the world of
Harry Potter. 

These spectacular classes are an awesome experience and happen only once a month
starting again in Fall 2021!

Return to Hogwarts
Class Schedule 2021-2022


Student Internship Program


Once-a- month on Fridays, Starting September 10th- December 3rd 2021 

$185 per student 

Time Slot A: 10:00-12:00AM 

Time Slot B: 1:00-3:00PM

1st-6th Grade- All Ages and Writing Abilities 

You’re invited to intern as an apprentice Journalist for


Throughout this upcoming semester you will be sent on important assignments to cover top-events in the Wizarding World of Magic!

You will report on Quidditch matches, write taste-testing reviews of the new line of candy from Honey Dukes, interview fellow Hogwarts students, solve riddles and mysteries from Diagon Alley, design comic strips and write important biographies of famous wizards!

This will be a semester of magical experiences you won’t want to miss!

 As a student-intern for the Daily Prophet you will learn how to write for the paper using creative, persuasive and informative reporting.  Learn and research stories about the Wizarding World and be on-the-seen for first-hand accounts of the most peculiar circumstances. The paper is a fast pace machine that never sleeps so it is unlikely you’ll cover the same story twice.

Be prepared to be swept away and get your quill pens ready for what’s to come!  We will meet each month to gather and report our findings. It takes a whole team to get the paper ready for the press. In between each of our monthly classes you can expect a wax-sealed letter from the editor in chief herself, Mrs. Mavis Ardlewood, to give you special leads and research assignments that you will send in the muggle-post back to her office in preparation for our your next class. A pre-addressed envelope and stamp will be sent to you with each assignment. 

 We are only taking limited number of eager interns. If you think you've got what it takes then sign up today and we will see you in the field!  

Skills Learned: This class is designed to encourage creative thinking and the joy of storytelling.  Students will work on asking questions, gathering information, setting the scene, interviewing, descriptive vocabulary, sentence structure, paragraph writing or illustration and group discussion.

Students who are pre-writers are welcome to participate. Writers will be given assignments according to their ability. We need all kinds of  interns to keep the paper going! This is a class for all ages and abilities! Expect your students to be excited about writing no matter their age or ability. 

Take Home: This is an immersive semester-long class where students will receive a monthly letter to prepare them for our upcoming class. These beautiful letters contain stories, riddles and assignments that will inspire them! Students will receive a Daily Prophet Student Intern I.D. Card necklace that they can keep at the end of the semester, along with trinkets and special items they find along their research.  Students will also have multiple newspapers with their contributions printed to take home throughout the semester. 

**Classes will be held once-a-month for the duration of the semester. Students will receive 5 personalized letters in the mail and will attend 4 in-person classes!

Class Dates- 9/10, 10/8, 11/5, 12/3.  

Letters will be sent on- 8/27, 9/24, 10/22, 11/19, 12/10

*Note- Teachers and the Kid Creative Cottage will be fully decorated for these immersive classes. Students are encouraged to attend in their Hogwarts Robes but it is optional. 


Hogwarts Camp
Treasures from the
Wizarding World 

Two-Day Event
1st-6th Grade 

Join us this November for a Magical Two-Day Event! Students learn step-by-step how to create amazing replicas from the Wizarding World! 

$155 per student- All materials and supplies will be provided.

These classes use high quality materials to give your student's
replicas an authentic appearance. 

Choose your Dates-
*November 15th & 17th (Mon & Wed)
Time: 10:00am-1:30pm
1st-6th Grade
*November 16th & 18th (Thur & Fri)
Time: 10:00am- 1:30pm
1st-6th Grade

Daily Schedule-
9:45-10:00- Student arrival and Sign-in
10:00-11:30- Class One
11:30-12:00- Lunch Break
12:00-1:30 Class two
1:30- Student pick up and Sign-out



Day One
Class Schedule

HERBOLOGY: Mandrakes

 Another year of Herbology classes at Hogwarts and Professor sprout has an unusual request from students. She would like her class to be able to properly identify and utilize mandrake root- and is giving all students the assignment to replicate a mandrake root. In this class, we will help you in recreating a properly potted mandrake plant. Students will create a multi media art project to replicate a realistic model of  a mandrake plant.


Skills Learned: Students will read and interpret J.K Rowling's literary description to conceptualize three-dimensional shapes and fictional design, form, hand sculpting, working with various art mediums including polymers and paint.   

Take Home:  Students will take home their replica of a potted mandrake root and Standardized Hogwarts Herbology booklet about the benefits and uses of Mandrake.  

~Student Lunch Break ~

POTIONS: Portable Apothecary

 All Students at Hogwarts are required to have a standard set of potion ingredients to be used in potion class. It is crucial that students have an organized and properly labeled apothecary that is portable. In this class, students will create their own travel apothecary filled with a standard set of labeled potion bottles, ready to be filled for their next potions class. Students will build a portable potion's box and learn techniques on how to "antique and distress their projects. The class will also create labels and ornamental details to add to the potion bottles. 

Skills Learned: Students will learn step-by-step how to build a box with hinges, handles and compartments using basic tools; A hammer, finishing nails, screws and screw driver as well as painting and handling techniques.

Take Home:  Students will take home their own portable potions apothecary, filled with labeled bottles, certificate and potion booklet.


Day Two
Class Schedule


 In this class, students will be introduced into the world of dragon egg identification, care and preservation. Students will delve into the mystical world of dragons to discover their origins in folklore, historical art and the wizarding world. Since dragons and their eggs are protected under the Wizarding Dragon Preservation and Protection act of 1998- The class will learn how to design a convincing replica of a dragon egg to create a beautiful authentic-looking specimen for educational purposes within Hogwarts. 


Skills Learned: Students will learn of historical and regional descriptions of dragons throughout history in folklore as well as read and interpret J.K Rowling's literary descriptions of dragons to compare and speculate. Students will learn how to fill a 5inch weighted egg, various painting techniques to create a gorgeous multi-medium dragon egg. Students can choose between three dragon egg replicas to create- Hungarian Horntail, Norwegien Ridgeback or the Chinese Fireball.

Take Home:  Students will take home their beautiful replica of a dragon egg in a labeled specimen box, with booklet from the Hogwarts Library.

~Student Lunch Break~


 One of the treasured moments in the J.K. Rowling's books was when Hagrid told Harry he was a wizard and gifted him his first birthday cake! Hagrid's giant heart has made him a beloved character throughout the book series. In this class, Students will learn how to recreate that delectable cake that was first given to Harry. Students will assemble and decorate their own 6 inch, two tired cake to take home in cake box. 


Skills Learned: Students will learn proper food handling skills, how to split and fill a cake, how to handle a pastry bag, smooth buttercream, and use a decorating tip and how to create a clean presentable cake.

*Students will not share any materials, or ingredients in this class. All students work in their own area and use their own pre-packaged materials.  

Take Home:  Students will take home their own decorated 6 inch cake in cake box. 


*Gluten free, and vegan options available. After enrollment, please send any dietary requests to KidCreativeTeam@outlook.com.



One-Day Event

November 19th 2021 


$120 per student

7th-12th Grade

We are pleased to announce that we are bringing back our sold-out one-day Return to Hogwarts event just for 7th-12th graders!

This will be a day full of magical lessons exploring the Literature, Art and world of J.K. Rowling!

*Class descriptions can be found above.

*Lessons will be academically tailored for high school students. 

~Event Schedule~

9:45-10:00am- Student arrival and sign-in

10:00-11:30am- Daily Prophet Apprenticeship

Students will receive their letters from the Daily Prophet Editor-in-chief Mrs. Mavis Ardlewood, precisely one week before class.  Their finished newspaper with their contributions will be sent in the owl post on November 22nd .  

11:30-1:00pm- Potions: Portable Apothecary  

1:00-1:30pm- Student Lunch break

1:30-2:30pm- Hagrid's Birthday cake

2:30pm- Students Depart and sign-out

high school

Return to Hogwarts

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It matters not what someone is bon but what they grow to be.-Albus Dumbledore

Pictures of
Return to Hogwarts

HoneyDukes: Magical Candy Making Apprentice

Friday, January 24th Time slot A: 10-12 (CLASS FULL) or Time slot B: 1-3 (CLASS FULL)

January 24, 2020


1st-6th Grade - 

Take an edible journey behind the magic of Honey Dukes Confections and Candies as an apprentice candy maker. Learn the infusions, concoctions and chemistry in the recipes for Exploding Bon-Bons and Fizzing Whizzbees! Apprentices will learn to read thermometers, take precise measurements, read candy recipes, use candy molds, candy-making safety, and more, while preparing traditional candies- start to finish. Candies will be packaged in official Honey Dukes packaging, ready for the shop window!

Skills Learned: This class focuses on candy making but will improve kitchen/cooking skills and familiarity for all students.

Take Home: Students will go home with their two types of confections in packages and the Honey Dukes printed recipes.

7th-12th Grade- Reserve your spot CLICK HERE!

Saturday, January 25th Time slot A-10:00 am-12:00 pm. Upper grade classes have more age- appropriate, academically based lessons. 

Care of Magical Creatures

Friday, February 28th Time slot A: 10-12 (CLASS FULL) pm or Time slot B: 1-3 (CLASS FULL)

February 28, 2020


1st-6th Grade

The care of magical creatures is not a task for the faint of heart! In this class we prepare students to become Magi-zoologists. We will travel into the depths of the world's oceans, lakes and seas to discover how to find and locate ancient aquatic creatures throughout history detailed in historical texts and folklore. Students will learn how to identify many types of mysterious aquatic creatures, and their eggs and to which species they belong, as well as, how to protect themselves from a variety of aquatic species' powers and abilities. With the knowledge of how to respect and care for these amazing creatures, students will record their learning in their Hogwarts Textbook which will be taken home along with their specimens in a protective box, in case it hatches.

Skills Learned: Students will cover topics in Geography and climate as we search through antique atlases and globes to learn about Sea creatures in Literature and folklore around the world. Students will learn Ocean and aquatic wildlife safety and including how to identify where animals may be and how to avoid dangerous confrontations with wild animals in water. 

Take Home: Students will take home a Hogwarts textbook The Care of Magical Aquatic Creatures, Rare oceanic maps and a specimen in a protective box.

7th-12th Grade- Reserve your spot CLICK HERE!

Saturday, February 29th Time slot A-10:00 am-12:00 pm. Upper grade classes have more age- appropriate, academically based lessons. 

Potions Laboratory

Friday, March 27th Time slot A: 10-12 (CLASS FULL) or Time slot B: 1-3 (CLASS FULL)

March 27, 2020


1st-6th Grade.

Potions are an ancient and meticulous art using the power of plants and compounds found in nature to create potions for spells, healing and trickery. In this class potions students will use their Advanced potion textbooks to piece together the highly complex concoction called- Poly Juice Potion. Students will learn to read detailed potion recipes, use a brass scale to weigh ingredients, grind materials into powder using a mortal and pestle, the magic of Moondew (dry ice) and color changing chemicals to create this famous potion. Can you master this recipe? 

Skills Learned: Students will learn recipe sequencing, reading detailed recipes, exact measuring, safety with dry ice and lessons on chemistry.


Take Home: Students will take home an incredible potion book from the Hogwarts library, printed recipes, and a labeled Poly Juice potion bottles in protective wooden box! 

7th-12th Grade- Reserve your spot CLICK HERE!

Saturday, March 28th Time slot A-10:00 am-12:00 pm. Upper grade classes have more age- appropriate, academically based lessons. 

Hogwart's Astronomy Tower

Friday, April 24th Time slot A: 10-12 (CLASS FULL) or Time slot B: 1-3 (CLASS FULL)

April 24, 2020


1st-6th Grade

Join us in the Astronomy tower where Hogwarts students learn the names of stars, constellations, and planets, as well as their location, movements, and the environments of planets and moons! A telescope , star chart, books, quill and parchment will be provided! Come explore the magic that exists in our universe and test your skills of observation, and decoding as we read ancient star charts and piece together the mysteries in the sky!

Skills learned- Students will learn planetary characteristics and movements, how to identify star constellations and how to track the seasonal changes in our night sky. How a telescope works and how to use one. Students will learn to navigate by reading a star chart (map) and learn the ancient mythology that brought the night sky to life!

Students take home- A book of Astronomy from the Hogwart's library and their own leather star chart! 


7th-12th Grade- Reserve your spot CLICK HERE!

Saturday, April 25th Time slot A-10:00 am-12:00 pm. Upper grade classes have more age- appropriate, academically based lessons. 

Middle School and High School Return to Hogwarts

New Monthly Classes

January 25, 2020

$45 per class

For students in 7th-12th Grade- In these awesome once-a- month classes you get to experience and participate in our literature-based classes for Spring 2020! Lessons will be more challenging so you will need your wits about you work as a team, find clues, solve riddles decipher potion recipes and practice your hand at Candy making, potions, care of magical creatures and more in your Hogwarts Classes! These classes are some you will not want to miss!  

$45 Saturday, January 25th 10:00 am-12:00 pm- Honey Dukes Candy Making Apprentice

$45 Saturday, February 29th 10:00 am-12:00 pm- Care of Magical Creatures

$45 Saturday, March 28th 10:00 am-12:00 pm- Potions

$45 Saturday, April 25th 10:00 am-12:00 pm- Hogwart's Astronomy Tower

See full class descriptions above

Come dressed in Hogwarts Robes or School house attire. 

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