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JOIN US for this magical ONE-DAY EVENT

 DEC 7th 2018


Next one: February-March





Hogwarts Class Schedule



Join us for this Magical ONE-DAY Event

Your students are invited to attend a FULL DAY at Hogwarts where they can pick their class schedule. The Urban Farm has been completely transformed into:


-Hogwarts Great Hall

-Quidditch Field

-Herbology Greenhouse

-Potions Dungeon classroom

-Hogwarts Castle Kitchen



We can't wait to share this amazing experience with your family!

 All Hogwarts students and their families are cordially invited to attend the Wizard's Holiday Banquet at the end of the school day.




Students who enroll and send payment before

November 16th will receive an official


Hogwarts Acceptance letter

 in the mail with their class schedule! 


HoneyDukes: Magical Candy Making Apprentice

Friday 2:30-3:30pm 1st grade and up

December 07, 2018


CLASS FULL- NOW ACCEPTING STUDENTS FOR WAITING LIST. Take an edible journey behind the magic of Honey Dukes Confections and Candies as an apprentice candy maker. Learn the infusions, concoctions and chemistry in the recipes for Fudge Flies, Pumpkin Fizz and Pink Ice. Apprentices will learn to read thermometers, take precise measurements, read candy recipes, use candy molds, candy-making safety, and more, while preparing traditional candies- start to finish. Candies will be packaged in official Honey Dukes packaging, ready for the shop window or as gift giving for the holiday season. 

Skills Learned: This class focuses on candy making but will improve kitchen/cooking skills and familiarity for all students.

Take Home: Students will go home with their three types of confections in three packages- to keep or to give as gifts. As well as the Honey Dukes printed recipes.

Quidditch Meet

Friday 2:30-3:30 1st Grade and up

December 07, 2018


NOTICE: No flying permits due to weather forecasts* Athletes will improve on defense and offense skills at ground level for this quidditch practice. The meet will focus on the rules of the game and roles of each player: Beater, seeker, chaser and Keeper and working as a team to score points. Team members will wear Hogswart uniforms and learn to pitch the blugders to distract other team, throw the quaffle ball into the three rings, bat, and block.  All players will show their team spirit by participating in relay races and group exercises that improve team agility, speed and accuracy with the ball.

Skills Learned: Students will practice group sportsmanship, team work and basic group exercises involving running, passing a ball, catching and throwing in this introduction to Quidditch. Every student will be challenged according to their own ability. This is a P.E. based class but the emphasis is on the rules of Quidditch and every player will have equal opportunity to practice in each player position. 

Take Home: Students take home their own Hogwarts uniform.


Friday 3:40-4:40pm 1st grade and up

December 07, 2018



Potions are an ancient and meticulous art using the power of plants and compounds found in nature to create potions for spells, healing and trickery. In this class potions students will construct their potion books with recipes for The Living Draught, a powerful sleeping potion and Felix Felices also known as liquid luck. Students will learn to read detailed potion recipes, use a brass scale to weigh ingredients, grind materials into powder using a mortal and pestle, the magic of Moondew (dry ice) and color changing chemicals to create The Living Draught and Felix Felices in class. 

Skills Learned: Students will learn recipe sequencing, reading detailed recipes, exact measuring, safety with dry ice and lessons on chemistry reactions.


Take Home: Students will take home an incredible potion book from the Hogwarts library, printed recipes, and 3 filled and labeled potion bottles. Ready to be used or given as gifts. 


Friday 3:40-4:40 1st grade and up

December 07, 2018


Beginning and Advanced Hogwarts students alike will benefit from this instruction on the use of Gilly weed and Arnica. Students delve into the ancient art of Herbology and the many uses of plant properties for the benefits of witches, wizards and muggles. Instruction on locating, identifying, harvesting and preparing these mystical plants for infusions and concoctions in healing magic will be presented to the class and will be recorded in their Herbology books (to take home).  The class will try test their newly learned skills and prepare 2 vials of Salves and Syrups.

Skills Learned: Students will learn how to identify and use many common and beneficial plants and their properties.  Students will learn the recipe of how to make a healing topical salve from beeswax, oils and arnica and will be stored in a labeled metal tin. Students will also learn how to derive the healing properties of plants by creating a syrup to be used in tea or water.


Take Home: Students will take home printed recipes, Herbology textbook and a labeled vile of syrup and tin of salve.

Care of Maigical Creature

Friday 4:50-5:50 1st grade and up

December 07, 2018



The care of magical creatures is not a task for the faint of heart. In this class we prepare students for the world of Dragons and their eggs by teaching them how to find and locate these ancient creatures throughout history from historical texts and folklore. Students will learn how to identify the many types of dragon's eggs and to which species they belong, as well as, how to protect themselves from a variety of dragons powers and abilities. With the knowledge of how to respect and care for these amazing creatures, students will record their learning in their Hogwarts Textbook which will be taken home along with their dragon egg in a dragon-proof box, in case it hatches.

Skills Learned: Students will cover topics in Geography and climate as we search through antique atlases and globes to learn about Dragons in Literature and folklore around the world. Students will learn wildlife safety and handling including how to identify where animals may be and how to avoid dangerous confrontations with wild animals. 

Take Home: Students will take home a Hogwarts textbook on The Care of Magical Creatures and a Dragon egg in a protective box.

Hogwarts Holiday Kitchen

Friday 4:50-5:50 1st grade and up

December 07, 2018


Come learn in the Hogwart's Castle kitchen and look at ancient recipes. Learn to prepare the traditional treacle tarts, pumpkin pasties and wizards punch that has been served at Hogwarts since the time of dragons. Taste these treats at the Grand Hogwarts Banquet 6:00 pm-7:30 pm (All students and their families are invited to attend). Students will make and decorate their own tarts and pasties to take home in box.  

Skills Learned: Students will learn to make traditional British recipes based on the novel and will practice precise measuring, mixing and following a recipe for pastry and filling. Presentation will also be a focus of this class and students will learn the art of shortcrust pastry and how to use it to decorate.   

Take home: Students will take home a personal sized treacle tart, and pumpkin pasty in decorative box and will sample the wizards punch.  

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