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     We are glad you are here! You may notice as you view the schedule that the upcoming semester seems different than usual. That is because it is different. The biggest change for the new semester is simply that our program offerings will be significantly less. Our teachers are making changes to their work schedules for various reasons, which you can learn more about by reading below:

    Our fantastic teacher, Mrs. Jeanette has sincerely enjoyed returning to work in Sacramento each month this past year. She is thrilled to start an exciting new adventure, but it will keep her very busy at her home in WA! The Stellaria Mountain Learning Center will open at her property this coming year and will be a wonderful resource for families in her community. We will miss having her with us each month but look forward to hearing of the Mountain School's success!  It has been so wonderful having Mrs. J's creativity and mentorship here in Sacramento and we hope she will be able to offer one-day events later this year. 
If your students would be interested in writing a thank you card to Mrs. Jeanette, (Shh, it's a surprise) please send them to:

9194 Entiat River Rd. 
Entiat, WA 98855 

   Our wonderful P.E. teacher, Mrs. Kaylee will be downsizing her classes to one session next semester. We all love Mrs. Kaylee's energy and enthusiasm that she brings to every class, and we know how many of your students have enjoyed her teaching.  Mrs. Kaylee's class will begin in March, when it is warmer and less rain!  

    As the director and lead teacher, I have had a fabulous semester working with your students!  I am needing to decrease my workload in the winter/spring semester due to a progressing health issue. I hope to focus on finding the right treatments for an auto-immune disease and see improvements quickly so I can get back to doing what I love, full time-  Teaching!  As of now, all one-day events and culinary classes will not be added to the spring schedule. It is my hope to add them to the schedule as soon as possible.  I would love to focus my energy on art enrichment in the spring and hope you love the new classes as much as do! 

Thank you for being a part of The Kid Creative Family! We cherish the friendships, community and joy we have found working with so many families.
We wish you all health and happiness and look forward to seeing you in the New Year! 

Warmest Wishes,
    Julia Akers and the Kid Creative Team

Left to Right- Our wonderful Teacher's Assistant Sioux, Kid Creative Founder, Jeanette Clamp, and Lead Teacher Julia Akers

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