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Children learning with teacher

Dear Families,

   We are looking forward to the rest of our Spring Schedule and would like to give some information to you regarding the change in state-mandated indoor-masking requirements effective March 12th. 


 "On Feb. 28, state officials announced that face coverings will move from being required when indoors on school facilities to being strongly recommended after March 11. In accordance with this, Charter schools will lift its current indoor face covering requirements at all school offices, school activities (i.e. testing) and facilities on March 12, for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings are still recommended for individuals in indoor school activities, and offices, but the choice will not be enforced. We ask everyone to respect the individual choice over personal masking beginning on March 12."


We have been in contact with all the Charters with which we are a vendor and would like to pass on this message to our enrolled families. In accordance with these announcements- we are pleased to move our classes to an indoor/outdoor hybrid set up. We will have a few tables available in the patio but will primarily utilize the indoor learning space for class sessions. We will utilize the many windows in the Learning Center to ensure a classroom that has ample ventilation. As we move forward with these changes and a returning to normal, we hope your family will feel comfortable knowing we are still performing our covid prevention measures throughout the Kid Creative Cottage. Please let us know if you have any questions. 


We will see you soon! 


With kindest regards,

  The Kid Creative Team

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