Monday's Schedule

Our Spring 2019 Semester will be condensed into a 4-week session with 2 hr classes.

Master Geo Spectacular Explosions

Monday 10am-12pm

January 21, 2019


Grade K-4th

Young explorers needed for a world tour of rocks, fossils and minerals. This adventure awaits each curious minded youth with surprisingly spectacular creations as we mix, measure and stir to create different explosions and reactions that helped form the earth. This experimenting class offers students first-hand discovery of science in action. Each week we will explore and study a different world region as we identify specimens to research and collect. Although explosions and experiments are contained to a small classroom the fun is out of this world. 

*Please note. This is a 2hr class for 4 sessions. There will be no "make up" days. We look forward to seeing you in class. 

Food Art Fusion

Monday 12-2pm

January 21, 2019


All Grades

This session is for students who enjoy creating that edible work of art that also taste delicious. Each session introduces a new concept for fusing together artist techniques with food preparations. Students will practice sculpting cookie dough and dipping chocolate petal bowls along with colorful pastry pinwheels and super special cupcakes. This artful approach to cooking will inspire students to see food in a new way.


Please note This is a 2hr class for 4 sessions. There will be no "make up" days. We look forward to seeing you in class. 

Oil Painting

Monday 2-4pm

January 21, 2019


starting Grade 2nd +

Explore our easy step by step teaching methods designed for students of all ages. First time artist or advanced painters will enjoy learning how to oil paint a masterpiece. Techniques for using the mediums and brushes are taught for simple and basic skills to complete each weekly assignment.  The class will choose a reference idea from the samples that the instructor will provide, a mountain landscape, tropical sunset, animal in action, the choice will be up to the class.   Each student will complete one painting during the 4-week session learning new skills during each class. The finished project is taken home for the family to celebrate a new art accomplishment.


*Please note: There will be no "make-up" days for missed classes. Please be sure to commit to all 4 sessions (2 hrs each) before signing up. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you in class. 

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