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Park Painting Classes

Join us outdoors 

Park-Day Painting Classes are an

amazing opportunity for students of all artistic abilities!

 We meet at outside at the beautiful Elk Grove Regional Park.  In each of our painting classes, students will be taught classical painting techniques which are outlined in each class's painting description below. Students use artist-grade materials in acrylic mediums on stretched canvas. 

We teach our students step-by-step instructions to master new skills according to their individual level and ability. We guide our students to use proper techniques to achieve a painting they are proud of!   In each class, students will complete their painting to take home- ready to be framed!

Students will be blown away at what they can paint!

Take home your finished master piece! 

All levels welcome! 

Limit 10 students per class to maintain social distancing.

Reserve your Easel now! 

$45 PER STUDENT or enroll in all four classes and receive a $10 discount. $170 for all 4 classes!

After enrollment, families will receive information about class location, park amenities, payment options and more. Please send us an email if you have any questions! 

Park Painting Schedule

$45 PER STUDENT or enroll in all four classes for

Spring 2021 and receive a $10 discount.

$170 for all 4 classes!  

Koi Pond


Friday, May 21st         

$45 per painter

Time Slot A: 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM


Students will learn to paint a bright water lily pond with Koi fish and reflective water. 

  • Color theory- using contrasting colors

  • Mixing warm and cool colors

  • Blending techniques

  • Light and shadow throughout the water

  • Texture- painting smooth and rippled surfaces

  • Pallet knife techniques

  • Vertical and horizontal strokes

  • Composition and design


Forest Lake


Friday, June 4th                  

$45 per painter

Time Slot A: 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM


Students will learn how to paint a brilliant sunset and forest lake scene in blue hues and contrasting colors. 

  • Color theory in blue hues

  • Tree shapes and reflection

  • Composition and layout 

  • Blending techniques

  • Detailing with line brushes

  • Variety of brush stroke techniques

  • Complimentary textures



Friday, June 18th       

$45 per painter

Time Slot A: 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM


Students will do a study the beach, palms and cloudscape.

  • Color theory in cool and warm colors 

  • Composition and harmonious design

  • Sky scape, colors, cloud formations and depth

  • Painting Palm trees and coast line

  • Distance and proportion 

  • Contrasting colors

  • Neutral tones with vivid hues

  • Movement of water

  • Blending impasto techniques 

Desert Sunset Painting

Friday,  July 2nd              

$45 per painter

Time Slot A: 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM


Students will learn to paint the warm layered colors of the desert landscape, sunset and cloudscape!

  • Composition of background and subject

  • Vanishing horizon line

  • Creating depth in landscapes

  • Layering colors

  • Blending techniques

  • Color theory to create glowing light

  • Detail with liner brush

  • Painting cacti 

Learn to Paint 


 Painting class 

 Kid Creative would like to invite you to attend a new class where students will learn classical painting techniques  outdoors as they paint endangered animal species! This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn techniques on how to paint fur, feathers, beaks and claws!  

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