Sioux Wood Works

Join the fun and learn how to make your own unique, wooden toy with a professional toy maker and the creator of The Little Cruisers


Have you ever wondered how wooden toys are made?

Here’s your chance to learn how!


 This kit includes access to a BEHIND-THE-SCENES instructional video of how toys are made at Sioux Wood Works and everything you need in order to make your own wooden tractor toy! 

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kit includes:

-Wood glue

-Sanding Block

-Sand Paper

-Wood Tractor Body

-2 Large Tractor Wheels

-2 Small Wheels

-Tractor box (Official Little Cruiser Toy Box)

-2 Paint Brushes

-1 Wide Brush

-1 Fine Point Brush Paint

-Paint Colors Included

Dark -Blue -Pink -Lime Green -Black -White


-3 Dowels

- 1 (3/4 inches dowel for axel )

- 1 (1/4 Inches dowel for axel)

- 1 (1/2 inches dowel for smoke stack)


-Includes STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to assemble your wooden tractor and access to instructional video with behind the scenes footage of Sioux Wood Work's workshop! 


-Your student will not be using sharp equipment to assemble their woodworking kits. The behind-the-scenes video will demonstrate how your student's tractors are prepared and how other toys are made at Sioux Wood Works using various tools to help the students become familiarized with common wood working techniques.


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