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Holiday Yule Log Cake Decorating Class

Saturday, December 14th 10:00-12:30pm

December 14, 2019

$55 (Includes instruction and materials fee)

 1st-12th Grade

This 2 hour hands-on Holiday workshop will explore professional cake decorating techniques when making a specialty cake using; Chocolate ganache, patisserie cream, sculpting chocolate, sugar paste, edible paint and more!  This workshop is an opportunity for  Students to learn step-by-step how to decorate a beautiful yule log Cake! If your an accomplished decorator this class will give you the confidence to bake for your next big event. If your just learning this class will give you the hands on experience every Baker needs!   

Each student will take home their own Beautiful cake and cake box!  

Skills Learned:

- How to design a 3-D Art or special events cake

-How to sculpt gum paste poinsettias and leaves

-How to roll a light and airy sponge cake

- History of cake decorating and current trends

-Common mistakes and other troubleshooting tips

-How to make french patisserie cream 

-How to make chocolate ganache

-How to crumb coat and properly frost a cake like a professional decorator

-How to use various cake decorating tools

- How to fold a pastry bag and how to install a piping tip

-How to fill and use a pastry bag for decoration

-Piping techniques using various piping tips

-How to hand- sculpt gum paste 

-How to box and transport a cake

-How to fix mistakes in decoration quickly and professionally 

Aprons and all materials will be provided. 

Please note: The Kid Creative cottage will have seasonal decorations for our December classes including lights, a decorated tree and wreaths.

Festive Cookie Decorating Class

Saturday, December 7th 10:00-12:30pm

December 07, 2019

$55 (Includes instruction and materials fee)

1st-12th Grade

To celebrate the festive month of December, students are invited to attend a food art class where they will learn how to beautifully decorate ornate seasonal cookies.Students will learn various decorating techniques including piping, outline and flood, icing lace, and more! All Recipes used will be sent home with students and include three festive cookies and two frostings that can be made at home if students choose to send these cookies to friends and family as gifts! All materials and supplies to complete the cookies will be provided and will be placed in a  decorative box to take home.

   This class is perfect for beginners who are just learning about how to handle a pastry bag and would like more guided experience with decorating or for students with intermediate experience who would like to add more unique decorating ideas to their repertoire! 


Students go home with:

~One Dozen beautifully decorated cookies

~Festive cookie box 

~Recipe cards for all recipes used in class. 

Please note: The Kid Creative cottage will have seasonal decorations for our December classes including lights, a decorated tree and wreaths.

Cake Decorating Series

6 week intensive series- Saturdays, 10:00am-12:30pm- 15 hours of Hands on instruction!

January 11, 2020


3rd-12th grade

This Cake Decorating Series is a HANDS ON intensive into the world of professional cake decorating. Students will learn the secrets that professional cake makers know and use and build on their skills each week! 

Have you ever wanted to make a three or four tiered cake? Have you wanted to learn how to make flawless fondant? Have you ever wondered how much to charge for a cake?

This series has the answers and the opportunity for learning as Students work step-by-step to learn and master using butter cream, traditional piping, fondant, gum paste, chocolate, and more! Students will learn how to level, split and fill a cake, and support each layer onto the next. The class will learn recipes to mix the frostings into the exact consistency needed for various decorating techniques, and practice dozens of piping skills. Each week every student will take home their own cake or portion of the large multi layer cake. Syllabus will be sent to enrolled families. 

You won't find a cake decorating series like this anywhere else!

Skills Learned:

- How to price a special events cake

- History of cake decorating styles and current trends

-Common mistakes and other troubleshooting tips

-How to level a cake

-How to split a cake evenly and fill with various cake fillings (Buttercream, custard, fruit etc.) 

-How to support multiple layers of cake

-How to crumb coat and properly frost a large cake like a professional

-How to make 3 buttercream recipes 

-How to use various cake decorating tools

- How to fold a pastry bag and how to install a piping tip

-How to fill and use a pastry bag for decoration

-Piping techniques using various piping tips

-How to roll out and cover a cake using fondant

-How to hand- sculpt gum paste flowers

-How to box and transport a cake

-How to assemble a multi-layered cake

-How to fix mistakes in decoration quickly and professionally 

This series is such an exciting opportunity for students! If your an accomplished decorator this class will give you the confidence to bake for your next big event. If your just learning this class will give you the hands on experience every Baker needs!   Weekly syllabus will be sent to all enrolled families so students can look forward to what they will be learning and doing each week! Class will meet on 1/11, 1/18, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22 

If you love cake as much as we do, you will not want to miss this! 

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New Class!

New Class!


Paint nights 

The Kid Creative Cottage would like to invite parents and their students to attend new monthly classes where families can learn classical painting techniques together! Join us for warm Apple cider and an evening of fine art.

Starting December 2019!

Return to Hogwarts

These are MONTHLY, in-depth, 2-hour classes that bring the magic of  J.K. Rowling's Literature to life through teaching core subjects and life skills that Harry, Hermione. and Ron would have learned! Students will create the Art, Science, Folklore and Food from the world of Harry Potter. These spectacular classes are an awesome experience and happen only once a month this Fall!

1st-6th grade

 2019 saturday 

classes added

Return to Hogwarts- High School One-Day Event

Friday, October 25th- 9:00 am-1:30 pm

October 25, 2019



For students in 7th-12th Grade- This is a One-Day event (just for you) to experience and participate in our literature based classes for Fall 2019! Lessons will be more challenging so you will need your wits about you work as a team to find clues and solve riddles, learn ancient recipes and practice your hand at potions! This will be a day you wont want to miss!  


-Classes are 1 1/2 hours in length

-First Hour, students will work as an Ollivander's Wand Apprentice learn the ancient art of Wands

-Second hour, students will work together in the castle kitchen to create an old English meal of meat pies and mash, pumpkin juice and cauldron cakes from ancient recipes. 

-Lastly, Hogwart's students will decipher a potions Map from the Hogwarts library in order to attempt to create a rare potion! 

See full class descriptions below

Return to Hogwarts

High School Day Schedule-

9:00-10:30 - Ollivander's Wands 

10:30-12:00 - Pumpkin feast 

12:00-1:30- Potions

Come dressed in Hogwarts Robes or School house attire. 

Ollivander's Wand Making Apprentice

Saturday Sept. 21th, Time slot A: 10:00-12:00

September 21, 2019

$45 per student

1st-6th Grade


The art of wand making is a an ancient and delicate process where wandologists piece together powerful natural materials with various types of wood. Inside the wands handle are hidden magical elements of Pegusus or Pheonix feathers, unicorn horns, dusts and elixirs. In this apprenticeship class, students will learn about the ancient process of making wands with particular emphasis on their beauty and design. Wand Apprentices will learn to sand, polish, sculpt, carve and paint the Ollivander way.  The class will need to explore ancient symbolism found in the Art of many cultures around the world to design, construct, sculpt and paint a three-dimensional art piece that will become their perfect magical wand.  

Skills learned-

-Ancient 3-dimensional art customs around the world including:

     -Wooden art forms and sculptures throughout history

     -Artistic design and symbolism 

-Properties of various woods used in art

-How to care for wooden Art

-Students will be shown basic carving tools 

-How to create a hidden chamber in their wands

-Ancient sculpting techniques to use to decorate their wooden wands

-Acrylic painting and medium techniques

-Oil distressing and antiquing   

Students will take home:

-Their finished wand 

-A labeled wand box 

-An official Ollivander's Wand certificate of ownership

-The Standard Book of Spells. (A required textbook at Hogwarts) 

Hogwart's Pumpkin Feast

Friday Oct. 18th, Time Slot A: 10:00 am-12:00 pm or Time slot B: SOLD OUT

October 18, 2019

$45 per student

1st-6th Grade

To enroll in SATURDAY, October 19th, Time Slot A 10:00 AM-12:00 PM- CLICK HERE 

Please see our Spring Hogwarts Schedule CLICK HERE

Join us for this magical feast and food exploration class! During the festive month of October, Hogwarts decorates the grand hall with hanging jack-o-lanterns, cauldrons and singing frogs. In this class Students will learn to create a traditional English meal which is often eaten at Hogwarts- Meat pies (or vegetarian) and mash, with pumpkin juice and cauldron cakes! After the meal has been made by students- The class can sit and enjoy their feast together at the Great Banquet Table! Students will take home their own pumpkin juice bottle and recipe cards for their meal. Cauldron cakes, when finished are placed in their own box from Qizilbash's Quality Confectionery from the Harry Potter books series. You will not want to miss this! 

Skills learned:

Students will be taught a variety of food preparation skills and food history using the Kid-Creative teaching methods we have used to teach cooking to hundreds of students across California in the past 5 years. 

-Learn the tradition and history of a variety of English pies 

-Learn safety in handling in food preparation 

-Learn safety in handling utensils 

-Learn to make traditional short crust pastry by hand

-Learn about, and how to handle, prepare and cook a variety of vegetables and herbs (some you may not have heard of before) 

-Learn how to read a recipe

-Learn to use measuring tools properly and accurately

-Learn to  mix, mash, stir and fold in just the right way for each step of the recipe. 

Students will take home-

-Recipe cards 

-A box of cauldron cakes in a labeled box from Qizilbash's Quality Confectionary

-A labeled bottle of pumpkin juice

During the first hour of class students will prepare traditional meat pies (or vegetarian) and mash and whilst those are baking students will brew up their pumpkin juice and assemble their cauldron cakes.

Note: If you have allergy concerns, all ingredient and recipes can be sent to you previous to the class. We  use whole food ingredients to teach proper cooking skills and food handling from fresh ingredient to finished meal.  Due to the classroom size, ages and learning environment, children will NOT be handling raw meat. 


Hogwart's Rare Potions

Friday Nov. 15th, Time slot A: SOLD OUT or Time Slot B 1:00-3:00 PM

November 15, 2019

$45 per students

1st-6th Grade

To enroll in SATURDAY, November 16th, Time Slot A 10:00 AM-12:00 PM- CLICK HERE 

 Please see our Spring Hogwarts Schedule CLICK  HERE

Potions are an ancient and meticulous art using the power of plants and compounds found in nature to create potions for spells, healing and trickery. In this class, potions students will be given a great responsibility to solve a riddle map,  found in the library of Hogwarts. A map full of fascinating illustrations and clues to the process of potion making. If followed carefully, this map could lead students to discovering the secret recipe to a very rare potion. Students will work in teams to solve the clues, conduct the research, grind and mix, to piece together the needed ingredients to form the reactions necessary to create the potion correctly!

Skills Learned:

-Team work, critical thinking, and new vocabulary

-Students will learn sequencing and how to read detailed recipes

-Using tools to take exact measurements by volume and by weight

-Lessons and hands on experiments with 4 chemical reactions

-States of matter and how the elements effect matter

-Periodic table of elements 

-How to use a mortal and pestal and other tools

-Common plant materials and their historical uses and properties 

All Potion students will take home

-An incredible riddle Map from the Hogwarts library

-A labeled potion in a glass vile 

-A labeled potion box from the Hogwarts archives.

-A book of direction for use of this rare and powerful potion 

Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beasts

Friday Dec. 13th, Time slot A: 10:00 am-12:00 pm or Time slot B: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

December 13, 2019

$45 per student

1st-6th Grade 

Please see our Spring Hogwarts Schedule CLICK HERE

What do you know of Magical Beasts? Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a required textbook at Hogwarts. In this class students will explore this magical work as naturalists and animal specialists and will be presented with rare and magical animal specimens that will need to be identified and categorized. Students will embark as teams, to dissect, discover, speculate and catalog a variety of oddities found in the the natural world and piece together clues that will lead them to understanding if the remains belong to a known species or if they could be belong to a mythical creature yet to be discovered. Each student will fill their own magical briefcase with tools, notebooks, specimens and sketches to help them along the way!  


Skills Learned- As a class we will explore how J.K. Rowling's mystical animals fit into the known animal kingdoms and how ancient folklore may have influenced the magical creatures and fantastic beasts she created. 

-Animal kingdoms and classification 

-Characteristics found in each kingdom 

-Skeletal structures and forms  

-How bones gives us clues to how the animal lived and died 

-How bones are identified and categorized in various species

-Animal tracking 

-Animal Scats and identification

-Animal behavior 

-Mythical animals in folklore 

-How to use a classroom microscope 

-Touch and see animal bones, owl pellets, Phoenix feathers, unicorn horns and many other animal specimens 

Students will take home a magical briefcase filled with wonderful specimens, tools, notebooks and information to continue their work as a naturalist at home. 


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