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We are thrilled to offer your students inspiring enrichment classes this year in
Elk Grove, CA!


 Now Enrolling for
Fall 2023!


We are a vendor of South Sutter, Visions, Rio Valley,
Feather River, Horizon, Cottonwood,
Winship, Clarksville 
and Sequoia Charter Schools!

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New Registration System

Enrolling in Kid Creative has never been easier!

With our new registration system, parents can access important information such as enrollments, class schedules, and program calendars with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to the hassle of paper forms or long emails and hello to a seamless registration process!


*New Class
Become an Author
Illustration Class

Create your own hardcover storybook!

Students will learn the important fundamentals of creative writing and illustration in this 6-week intensive. Ignite a love of storytelling, art and writing for your child with this amazing class!  

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Join the magic

Fall 2023 

These classes bring the magic of J.K. Rowling's Literature to life through teaching subjects and life skills that Harry, Hermione. and Ron would have learned! Students will create the Art, Science, and Food from the world of Harry Potter. These spectacular classes are an awesome experience!

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Girls in Painting Class

*New Class
Preschool - 3rd grade
STEM and 
Fun-tastic Art


This class is for young learners who enjoy exploring science, technology, engineering, and math in a group setting with other STEM explorers. During each class, students will discover and experiment with topics of animals, habitats, biomes, weather, and insects.


Learn how to decorate beautiful desserts in our hands-on classes!

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Green and Yellow Simple One Million Trees Day Banner (1).jpg


Students will learn to identify them and practice foraging for them.

 Painting Classes

Learn how to paint beautiful Animals, Still Life and Landscapes! 

Students will learn how to capture the beauty and movement of wild animals, the depth of landscapes and the vivid detail of still life compositions in these classes! Classical painting techniques are taught step-by step so students learn to see like a painter and create their own masterpiece every class!


Enjoy Magical Art Lessons

and Letters from Hogwarts 

Irene Quiverhorn

Return to Hogwarts is excited to bring you Letters and Art Lessons from Irene Quiverhorn, a talented Hogwarts student!


Follow her adventures with keepsake letters and Art lessons from her desk in the Hufflepuff common room!


This course provides you instant access to recorded lessons, PDF letters and material lists which allows you to go at your own pace, creating beautiful artwork from the Wizarding world! 


Monthly Comics

Our wonderful teacher's assistant, Ms. Dakota is the founder of The Little Cruisers Comics and toys!

Go see what The Little Cruisers has to offer your students through uplifting comics delivered to your door each month!

We love this company, and your students will too! 

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