How do I enroll my student? 

​Enrollment is simple.

If you plan to use your educational funds available to you through your charter school then follow these steps:

1. Contact Kid Creative first to check availability and reserve your place in class and to provide us with your contact information.

2. Contact your Educational Specialist or charter to arrange for a purchase order to be mailed to Kid Creative. 

3. You will receive an email conformation through Kid Creative that your enrollment is successful when we have received your purchase order from your charter. 


If you plan to pay privately for your student's tuition then follow these steps:

1. Contact Kid Creative to check availability and reserve your place in class and to provide us with your contact information. 

2. Mail check, or make a payment through pay-pal (payment information will be provided in enrollment email).

3. You will receive confirmation of enrollment through Kid Creative when forms and payment have been received. 

What do I need to bring to class?

Classes are all inclusive. Students are provided with all the materials they will need to participate and complete the projects in class. To ensure your student's time with us is stress free. You might consider bringing these items:


-snack or lunch- If your child is staying for two classes or more this is recommended.

-water bottle- There is always drinking fountains available but water bottles can be kept at their desk.

-art smock- Keep those new school clothes sparkling! Wear an art smock in art class. 

-comfortable shoes- Students may be up-and-out of their seats for projects or on the playground. 

Do I need to stay with my student?

It is up to you! Teachers and assistants make the classroom environment comfortable and a great place to meet other students and make new friends. If your child is up to it- it will be rewarding for them to be fully immersed in the class. If however, your student prefers you to stay or has specific needs then you are of course, very welcome to stay and participate with your student! We want to make everyone's experience in class comfortable. If you have concerns or special requests for your child during class, please contact us. Lunch break, and in between classes, students are accompanied by a teacher. 

Can I enroll my student for the whole day? 

Absolutely. We encourage families to take advantage of our cluster class schedule. By designing the day to include various subjects throughout the time blocks you can accommodate to the interests and age requirements of your whole family. This gives you the flexibility to work around the special needs of your own family. You can be rest assured knowing your child is enjoying educational hands-on activities for the whole day! Don't forget to bring lunch or a snack for in between classes! 

Are you a vendor of my charter school?

We have had a great working relationship for over 20 years with some of the best charter schools in California. We are currently a vendor for Horizon, South Sutter, Connecting Waters, Visions in Education, and Heritage Peak. Each semester changes to accommodate to the needs of families in different cities. Our current vendor list includes the following charter schools: 

  • Heritage Peak in Elk Grove

  • Visions in Education in Carmichael and extended areas

  • South Sutter in Elk Grove

  • Horizon in Laguna/Elk Grove    

  • Rio Valley



If you are interested in having Kid Creative come and be a part of your charter's site Contact us today! 

How can Kid Creative teach at my school?

We always have our doors open to partner with new schools and bring the kid creative experience to your students. If you are apart of a school that is not listed  please email us with your school's contact information and a list of interested classes that you would like to see taught at your school. 

Can Kid Creative come to my home to teach?

Yes! Cottage classes are a special opportunity for families to have Kid Creative classes in their home or private location for their group of students. We have a large selection of class options as well as private party events. To book cottage classes contact us to check availability, reserve your dates and to provide us with your contact information.