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Please print and complete the forms below. You may email the forms to or bring them to your student's first class. Siblings may share forms- Please list each sibling's first and last name on the form. These forms are required by Kid Creative to have on-hand with the Teacher during any class instruction. All information is held completely confidential and all student files are held for the duration of the class. 

Class Information & Forms

Response to COVID-19- 

The health and safety of our enrolled families and staff is a high priority for us. We are following local health recommendations carefully to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone. We will be in contact with parents throughout the semester to give notices promptly. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you in advance for your flexibility as we navigate this together.  

Kid Creative Policy on Code of Conduct:

Please read with your student before attending

We want every student to have the experience they expected to have. Our code of conduct for class is to ensure this is achievable.

1.  I will participate in the class the best I can and listen to the teachers and my peers so we can all have a great experience.

2.  I will notify my teacher if I need anything.

3.  I will stay with my class and not leave my classroom without permission.

4.  I will use language that is respectful of others including refraining from using foul language, or saying inappropriate jokes.

5.  I will raise my hand to speak so that I do not interrupt my teacher or my peers, if they are talking.

If a student is being overly disruptive, impolite or offensive to their classmates or teacher the student will not be allowed to participate further. We will notify their parent/guardian to please pick up their student. (This has never occurred in our classes but we keep this policy for the protection of all students who are in attendance.)  

We uphold the same expectations of parents and will disenroll students if their parent or guardian creates a violent environment for teachers, staff, and students. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

NEW Payment Policy for 2022- 2023

 We require registration fees to be paid in full to hold your student's reservation. All class tuition payments must be received 7 days prior to the first scheduled class to retain your space in class. If you are using charter funds, we require the P.O. voucher or a correspondence from your Teacher/E.S. with the voucher number and date it was submitted, at least 7 days prior to the scheduled class.  Please work with your school teachers to confirm they have sent in payment vouchers!  If payment/teacher correspondence is not received 3-days prior to class, the space will be given to a student on our waiting lists.  If your student is joining a pro-rated class, payment must be received before your student may attend.

Private Payments may be sent via pay-pal to or paid through the "Make a payment" link in "My Account"

We are making these changes due to the increased number of waiting list families and to avoid "no-shows" which keep waiting list families from attending. 

Refund Policy

Due to the extensive amount of work our teachers invest into these classes, and to our waiting list families, we will not be able to offer refunds 48 hours prior to the event. If you will not be able to attend, please notify us within 48 hours before the event.  If you are enrolling in a multi-week class please know that make-up days are not available for missed classes. You may arrange a private class, which is subject to the availability of Kid Creative teachers and scheduling. 

Registration Fee

We have hired more office staff and have upgraded registration features on our website for the upcoming school year to better serve our families! To support office staff who will be busy answering your questions via email, phone and social media and taking care of enrollments, refunds and payments- We are requiring a nominal registration fee per student ($15 per student with a $45 limit per family), per semester. This fee is non-refundable and is due after registration to complete your student's reservation.



Thank you for choosing us to enrich your child's education!

We look forward to having your

students in class this year!


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