We are thrilled to offer your students inspiring and joyful learning this year! 

We are currently offering outdoor, in-person classes!

Our staff and student's safety is a high priority for us.

Teachers will wear protective face shields and students are asked to maintain social distancing recommendations

Masks for students are optional for outdoor learning environments 

Julia Akers

Lead Teacher, Artist, Book Lover


All ages

Park Painting Classes

All abilities welcome

Join us outdoors 

Dates: 3-Days- May 26th, 27th,28th

Time Slot A: 9:00-10:00 AM

Time Slot B: 10:15-11:15 AM

Location: Elk Grove Park

Cost: $75

Grades K-6th

In this class we introduce chemistry basics by creating slimes, putty and clays. This class is hands-on every step of the way! Students will discover how various combinations of ingredients and correct amounts yield various results.

Simple experiments, projects and activities with the slime will be conducted each week after their recipe is complete.


Students will take home a NEW slime recipe each week and jar of their chemistry creation!


Note* All ingredients and supplies will be individual use and no students will share.


Teacher: Jeanette Clamp  

Date: Saturdays starting June 12th

(4 weeks)

K- 3rd- Time Slot A: 9:00-10:15 AM

4th- 6th- Time Slot B: 10:30-11:45AM

Location: Elk Grove Park

Cost: $85

In this outdoor P.E class, students will begin each day with learning techniques on how to stretch, and warm up to prepare for weekly sports challenges! Each week students will participate in fun and challenging group games like, Dodge ball, kickball, and relay races! This class is for beginner students. Prior athletic experience is not required. We will end the class with an inspiration story about hard work and sportsmanship from a famous athlete. This class is awesome fun!

Note* This is an outdoor class and students are not required to wear masks while participating in sports. 

Date: TBA

Location: TBA

Cost: TBA

Kid Creative's Outdoor Student Art Exhibit! In this class, students will delve into the world of fine art as entertainment. Students will study historical and current exhibitions around the globe and participate in creating their own unique art to be displayed in an outdoor show for families and friends.  We look forward to having our talented student's share their work and learn how to make moving and inspiring art displays.


Animal Painting Class

Learn how to paint Beautiful Animal Portraits! 

Students will learn how to capture the beauty and movement of wild animals in this painting class!

Each week, students will do an endangered animal study and use the skills of observation to see the beauty of these wild animals. Students will use classical painting techniques to see like a painter and recreate what they see on canvas. 

All Ages Welcome! We work with our students one-on-one at their level.

Return to Hogwarts 2021


Irene Quiverhorn

Art Lessons and Letters from Hufflepuff Student

Return to Hogwarts 2021 is excited to bring you Letters and Art Lessons from a brilliant and talented Hufflepuff student! Irene Quiverhorn aspires to paint the beauty she sees at Hogwarts! Follow her adventures with monthly letters and recorded Art lessons from her desk in the Hufflepuff common room! This monthly class is filled with everything you love about the world of J.K. Rowling!