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Become an Author!

What story will you write?

Writing &

 Illustration Class

3rd grade and up! 

Students will write and illustrate an original 10–18-page, hardback book. Published books will be shipped to the student's home, 2-3 weeks after work is completed. Your student's book will have a dedication page, and author biography with a photo. 

Additional copies will be available to order for friends and family.

Class times and dates:

 Session- A 10:00am-12:00am


Session- B 12:30pm- 2:30pm 

Begins on September 9th!

(9/9, 9/16, 9/30, 10/7 & 10/14)

$225 per student

*Complete syllabus, assignment lists, and class information will be sent to enrolled families a week before class starts! 

All Materials are provided for students!

We are limiting the students per class this year! Spaces fill quickly.

Reserve your spot below! 


Enter your story in our

Fiction Writing Contest!

Stories will be blind judged by Children's Author Ashley Elizabeth!

This class will be a creative laboratory of words and art!

Our 5-week intensive is designed to teach how to write and illustrate an original story and help students become the author of a hardback book to share with their friends and family!

This Writing and Illustration Class will cover lessons

in the writing process including:

*Brainstorming original ideas 

*Creating a plot outline

*Character development

*Story settings and locations

*Creating a rough draft 

*Creating a visual story board

*Lessons in various writing styles

*The power of word choice in storytelling

*Illustrations to enhance plot development

*Lessons in Illustration styles

*Editing and proofreading

*Grammer and spelling

*How to write an author biography

*How to write a dedication page

and more!

This class will build on each week's previous lesson, giving students a strong foundation in the process of constructing a story through words and pictures. We hope to give your student the confidence to create, write and illustrate at home! Participants do not need to have any previous experience in story writing or illustration. The class will be guided and supported through each step of the way as they use their creativity to develop their original stories! Our teachers are thrilled to support your student's work and will be guided according to their level.



My child struggles with spelling and grammar, can they enroll?

No problem, spelling and grammar errors will be corrected together as a class in the drafting process. Students will love our "scavenger hunt" to find any errors in their work. We create a supportive and joyful atmosphere in the entire writing process.

Does my child have to write in this class?

Students enrolling in this class should feel comfortable with handwriting a paragraph. Many students lack joy in handwriting and little hands can feel writing fatigue quickly. We understand. We encourage students according to their level, but students will be writing their books independently with as much supportive assistance as needed.

We know that seeing their finished book will bring them as sense of accomplishment that will motivate them to continue at home. 

Do you have a reluctant writer?

This class is gentle and encouraging! We want to bring out the creativity and confidence in our students. The energy of a positive classroom environment brings out the best in our students and this class will give them fail-proof framework for creating something to be so proud of!


What kind of medium will the illustrations be?

Students will be working with paper mediums to complete the illustrations for this book. The mediums will include pencils, and various types of illustrating grade pens. 

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