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These classes bring students to Galaxies far far away as they immerse themselves into the literary world of
STAR WARS! Students will learn about the Planets, Creatures, Droids, Star Ships and foods from around the galaxy! 

These spectacular classes are an awesome experience! 
Coming in May 2022!

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star wars 

The galaxy tour 

Starting May 2022 

Class Schedule 2022


star wars
a galaxy tour 

2022 One-Day Event
1st-6th Grade 
12th Grade

Join us this May for a One-Day Event! 

Students will attend-

-Black Spire Outpost: Star wars foods

-Mechanic Tech: Ships and Droid

-Planets and Creatures: Planetary Biomes

-Padawan Training:  Beginning Lightsaber Techniques 

You will not want to miss this Event!

The Kid Creative Learning center's Classrooms will be fully decorated for this event!
Teachers and staff will be in costume.
Come in your Padawan Robes!

Choose your Date-
 Wednesday, May 18th 3 SPOTS OPEN
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
1st-6th Grade
* Thursday,  May 19th
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
1st-6th Grade
Friday, May 20th CLASS FULL
Time: 10:00am- 3:00pm
1st-6th Grade

 May 21st 7 SPOTS OPEN
Time: 10:00am- 3:00pm
7th-12th Grade- High School

Daily Schedule-
9:45-10:00- Student arrival and Sign-in
10:00-11:30- Class One
11:30-11:50- Lunch Break 
11:50: 1:20- Class Two
1:20-2:20- Class Three
2:20-3:00- Class Four
3:00- Student pick up and Sign-out

$145 per student- All materials and supplies will be provided. These classes use
high quality materials to give your student's work an authentic appearance.
See full class descriptions below!

Class Schedule

Class 1-

Black Spike Outpost

Star Wars Foods

 The Black Spike Outpost is the largest settlement on the planet Batuu, and is an infamous stop for traders, adventurers, and smugglers traveling around the Outer Rim and Wild Space. Travellers will find tasty foods from various planets and regions of space in the outpost. In this class, students will learn and make the fascinating recipes from planets far, far, away. 


Skills Learned: Students will learn how to make Polystarch Portion Bread, Ronto Wraps and Photon Fizzle. The class will learn about the planetary origins and background of these recipes from the Star Wars universe. Students will read detailed recipes, measure ingredients, review kitchen hygiene, and work on their recipes with their own materials and ingredients. Students will not share materials. 

Take Home:  Students will take home their three completed dishes and official outpost recipes in box.  


Class 2-

Mechanic Tech

Ships and Droids

 Droids and ships are an integrated part of life in space. Understanding the various functions, abilities, and programming of droids is essential to all space travelers. Knowledge of space transports is equally important to navigating the galaxy. This class will teach students about the specifications of famous ships and droids and will discuss the fantastic science that brings Star Wars sci-fi to life! Students will interact with ship and droid models and will design and document their own, using scientific principles and sci-fi upgrades. 


Skills Learned: Students will learn about the Science of Star Wars on how physics and fantasy might merge to allow for the possibility of interstellar travel; human-like robots, spacecraft life, hover crafts; and Force-like psychokinetic powers. The class will design models based on the discussion and lessons.

Take Home:  Students will take home their own droid or ship designed from various parts and pieces that reflect the scientific possibilities in mechanics.

OIP (7).jpg

Class 3-

Planetary Biomes

Planets and Creatures

 The Star Wars galaxy is filled with planets and moons inhabited by creatures of every description! These incredible sci-fi creatures live within unique planetary biomes with flora, fauna, weather and other species that work together in familiar ways to Earth's habitats. This class will delve into these unique alien environments to learn about inhabitable planets, and natural adaptations of the sci-fi creatures who live there. 

Skills Learned: Students will go on a tour through the Star Wars galaxy's most famous planets and moons to identify and classify the planets' characteristics to compare them to regions of Earth. The class will learn about animal taxonomy, adaptations, and classification. Students will learn how to draw and chart maps and data.

Take Home:  Students will take home their own large-scale map of the galaxy, taxonomy charts and artwork based on the lessons of planets and creatures from the Star Wars universe. 


Class 4-

Padawan Training

The Jedi Code and  Lightsaber techniques

 A young Padawan has a long journey of training ahead when they enter into learning the ways of the Jedi. This class will introduce students to the foundations of padawan training including the lifestyle of the jedi code and techniques of self-awareness to prepare for self-defense and force intuition. This class will discuss light saber technology, lore and science.

Skills Learned: Students will learn about the culture of the jedi code and the expectations of padawans and jedi by reading the jedi texts for class discussion. The class will memorize the Jedi Code and will begin self-defense training. Students will be taught step-by-step saber handling techniques from an experienced Padawan and will be shown demonstrations. 

Take Home:  Students will take home their own Light Saber, personalized saber charm, and Jedi Code poster. 

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