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Cake Frosting

Culinary Classes


Join Us!

Our Culinary Classes are an amazing opportunity for students!

Students are given real hands-on experience in the world of professional cake decorating and food prep and  take home their own cake


Come Learn to Create beautiful and delicious cakes! 

You will not find Cake Decorating Classes like these anywhere else! 

Our Cake Decorating Classes are a HANDS-ON intensive into the world of professional cake decorating. Students will learn the secrets that decorators use to build on their skills each week!

*Have you ever wanted to learn how to decorate beautiful, piped flowers?

*Have you wanted to learn how to make flawless fondant?

*Have you ever wanted to learn how to make chocolate decorations?

These classes are the opportunity for learning these skills as students work step-by-step to learn and master using butter cream, traditional piping, fondant, gum paste, chocolate, and more! Students will learn how to level, split and fill a cake, and support each layer onto the next. The class will learn recipes to mix the frostings into the exact consistency needed for various decorating techniques, and practice dozens of piping skills.

Each week every student will take home their own cake.

A complete weekly syllabus will be sent to enrolled families.

Skills taught in our Cake Decorating Classes include:

- How to price a special events cake

- History of cake decorating styles and current trends

-International cake design and global flavors 

-Common mistakes and other troubleshooting tips

-How to level a cake

-How to split a cake evenly and fill with various cake fillings (Buttercream, custard, fruit etc.)

-How to support multiple layers of cake

-How to crumb coat and properly frost a large cake like a professional

-How to make various buttercream recipes

-How to use various cake decorating tools

- How to fold a pastry bag and how to install a piping tip

-How to fill and use a pastry bag for decorating

-Piping techniques using various piping tips

-How to roll out and cover a cake using fondant

-How to hand- sculpt gum paste flowers

-How to box and transport a cake

-How to assemble a multi-layered cake

-How to fix mistakes in decoration quickly and professionally

-and MUCH More!

Our culinary classes are such an exciting hands-on opportunity for students who want to really gain experience in cake decorating, food preparation, kitchen safety, and hygiene! If you're an accomplished chef/decorator these classes will give you the confidence to create for your next big event.

If your just learning, these classes will give you the hands-on experience every student needs!


***For multi-week classes: A weekly syllabus will be sent to all enrolled families so students can look forward to what they will be learning and doing each week! 

If you love beautiful and delicious food as much

as we do, you will not want to miss this!

*The Health and safety of our students and staff are the highest priority for us. Students are provided with their own individual materials, tools and ingredients for every class. All food items will be taken home in a closed box. 

Students are taught and required to maintain proper food-prep hygiene throughout the duration of class. Class size is limited to provide space for students. 

Fall 2023 Schedule



 Decorating Class

Boutique Cake

Decorating Class

Lead Teacher: Julia Akers
Location: The Kid Creative Cottage
3rd- 12th Grade
$75 per student 

Students take home their own
 3-tier Cake in cake box. 

Friday, December 15th, 2023-


Saturday, December 16th, 2023

Time Slot A- 10:00am-12:30 pm


Time Slot B- 1:30pm-4:00 pm 



Learn how to create this Wintery SHOWSTOPPER!

    In this class, students will learn to create a holiday themed sprinkle- cake. Students learn technical cake decorating skills, and proper handling and preparation of ingredients. Students decorate their own cake step-by-step and learn the tricks of the trade to gain practical skills and experience. This cake design highlights different decorating techniques and allows the class to explore a wide variety of applications first-hand.  We will explore fillings, frostings, flavors, and types of sponge! Students will learn to use a long list of decorating materials and tools. This is a packed 2 1/2 hour intensive, and we invite your student to participate and share in the love of beautiful dessert making.  

Holiday Cake

 Students will decorate a Vanilla cake, with marshmallow buttercream frosting and topped with white chocolate drip. This sprinkle cake is beautifully arranged with candy decorations. Students will learn how to use a variety of colors and textures to create an elegant and sophisticated dessert. 

Cake Decorating Classes 2021-2023

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