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Image by Benjamin Davies

4-8 years old

Early Years Art & STEM Programs

Join us outdoors 

 Join us for Hands-On Art & STEM Projects! 

These are Nature, Art, and Science-based programs designed for your youngest learners! We invite you outdoors to learn through stories, art,

and hands-on lessons!

 We meet outside at the beautiful Elk Grove Regional Park.  In each class, students will practice using art mediums to create colorful hands-on art projects that celebrate the seasons! 

Skills learned in our Early Years Art Programs include:


*Fine motor skills

*Color recognition

*shape recognition

*animal identification

*following step-by-step instructions

*sequencing and imitation

*visual discernment 

*critical thinking

*self confidence

*social development

*seasons and weather 

and so much more!

Art allows youth to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life, but also for learning!

We teach our students step-by-step instructions to learn and explore new skills according to their individual ability. We guide our class to create a learning environment that is joyful, playful and productive. 

These classes are designed for students who are 4-8 Years old!

If you have a student who would like to participate outside of these ages- please email us. 


*For Parents- We want to create a learning environment where all students feel safe and eager to learn. If your student feels hesitant to join a group setting, we encourage you to stay and assist your preschooler through the lesson. If a child is dropped off and is not feeling eager to participate- we will call the parents to please come and stay or pick up.   

Teacher: Jeanette Clamp

Early Years Programs Schedule-

FUN-tastic Art Program

Preschool -3rd grade

Time Slot:  11:45 AM- 1:00 PM

$125 per student

This art class provides introductory lessons with real art mediums. Young artists will enjoy this exploration into art as we create an oil pastel Song Bird In The Woods, colored chalk of the Northern Lights, watercolor Thunder Storm, and create a collage of a Tiger In The Jungle. The instructor will provide all the learning materials. Each student is encouraged to bring an old shirt or smock to protect their clothes.

This class works well as a follow-up to STEM as each art project enriches the lessons on Animal habitats, Birds and Bugs, Weather and Rainbows, Arctic Circle, and Animals.


Sept 27th Delightful Bird in the Woods- oil pastels

Oct 4th Northern lights- chalk pastels

Oct 11th Thunderstorm- watercolor with wax

Oct 18th Tiger in the Jungle- paper collage


Early Learners
STEM Hands-On
Science, technology, engineering and math

Preschool -3rd grade

Time Slot:  10:00 AM- 11:30 AM

$140 per student

Class Dates

Sept. 27th STEM Bugs and Birds

Students will learn how to sort plastic bugs and capture rubber worms using a tool that represents a bird's beak as they learn the food chain of birds. In class, we will identify parts of insects, study model bugs, learn the tensile strength of a spider web through experimenting with designs to hold classroom spiders and learn how to recognize local birds by hearing and seeing.


Oct. 4th STEM Arctic Animals

Young students will enjoy learning about animals that live extreme and survive the harsh conditions of the Arctic regions. They will explore the Tundra wildlife through hands-on learning, such as comparing human tracks to the tracks of a polar bear, walrus, and fox. As they immerse in Arctic learning, students will experiment with extreme cold temperatures and learn how animals adapt and thrive. The lessons will cover arctic circle maps that teach animal placement in regions, habitats, and animal adaptations.

Each student will take home their Arctic Circle model created in class, a collection of life-size animal tracks, and a bag of mixed Arctic animals for further exploring and learning at home.


Oct. 11th STEM Rainbows and Weather

Young learners will learn how to identify the power of weather during this hands-on experiment class. With weather playing an important role in our lives, this class helps answer questions that students often have, such as where clouds come from, why the sky changes colors, what the wind is, and why it rains. Some of these questions are answered during our science experiments that students will conduct themselves, like practicing absorption experiments to discover how clouds rain, make a gravity rain cloud, create a cloud vapor,  and create cloud samples using cotton balls on their very own watercolor sky and umbrella painting. This art piece will offer lessons for using oil pastels and watercolor as students experience the with their captured rain samples from earlier experiments.


Oct 18th STEM Animal Biomes and Habitats-

During this class,  young students will learn to identify the five different types of animal groups. Students will sort miniature animals into biomes from around the world, learn what animal needs are as they search and find their homes, and the changes that some animals make in order to survive. Our STEM activity is learning how to engineer a habitat for a bird and a beaver. This lesson includes studying a bird's nest and learning how different bird species design their nest based on their biomes. This nest experiment will be compared to a beaver's lodge as students practice sorting through similar materials each animal uses while building in different biomes. Each student will take home their bird nest creation and identification cards.

Art Class
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